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Connecticut Excavation Contractors

Libby Property Maintenance is Connecticut’s Leading Excavation Contractor

Before you build your home or business space, add onto your existing building, or add a swimming pool, you’ll need to be sure that you’re building on solid ground. Libby Property Maintenance, LLC, is ready to put your development on the right footing with expert excavation services that prepare your site for a stable landscape while ensuring that your land drains properly even in the wettest Connecticut weather. We’ve helped residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout Connecticut, and we’d love to show you what a difference proper excavation services can make.

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Residential CT Excavation Services


Excavation involves far more than just digging: it’s precise work that requires the right equipment, careful planning, and an expert eye.

From site grading to drain installation to yard expansion, we're Connecticut excavation contractors who you can trust to help make your excavation project a reality.


Call us before you plan any major project on your site. Our experienced Connecticut excavation contractors can advise you on how best to grade your lot for optimum drainage, how to negotiate obstacles like sewer lines, water connections, and utility trenches, and how you can take steps to mitigate soil erosion.

Excavation Services in Connecticut

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Connecticut Excavation Services From Libby

Connecticut’s freeze-thaw cycles, and its intense stretches of rain and drought, can strain any landscape. They can also keep your site from draining properly. Standing water can damage your foundation, provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and keep you from getting the most out of your property. Libby Property Maintenance can help. No matter how large or small your lot, if it involves excavation or drainage, we’re here to help. 

Our Connecticut excavation services include:

•    Swimming pool demo excavation
•    Excavation for landscaping projects
•    Site grading and preparation
•    Drain excavation

Connecticut packs a huge range of soils, ecosystems, and microclimates into one small state. That’s just one of the reasons Libby Property Maintenance works closely with each of our clients to be sure that we deliver exactly the excavation and drainage services they need. Contact us today at 860-662-0504 for an initial consultation and discover how much easier the rest of your project can go when it gets off to the right start.

Get a free estimate!  Call Now: 860-662-0504

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