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Connecticut Forestry Mulching Services

Libby Property Maintenance is Connecticut’s Leading Forestry Mulching Contractor

Trees and brush love to grow in Connecticut soil, and that can pose a problem for landowners. When you need to clear your property of large trees and stubborn undergrowth, standard yard tools won’t do the job. You need a quick, cost-efficient, and environmentally sound solution. You need Libby Property Maintenance’s forestry mulching service. From our Eastern Connecticut offices, we’ve helped landowners throughout the state clear property for recreational use, new construction, agricultural development, and natural resource management.

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What is Forestry Mulching?


Forestry mulching uses purpose-built equipment to quickly, safely, and thoroughly remove unwanted vegetation from your land. It then converts the vegetation into nutrient-rich mulch that is hauled away or left on site, ready to help your remaining trees and plants grow healthy and strong. Mulched material plays the same role on your land as decaying branches and leaves do on the forest floor. As it decays, mulch releases nutrients back into the soil while helping retain groundwater, protecting your vegetation against dry conditions.


Unlike brush mowing and other types of land clearing, forestry mulching cuts vegetation flush to the ground. This approach leaves your land ready for you to enjoy or develop, eliminating the problems that even low-lying stumps can cause. Meanwhile, your land is free and clear of habitats for deer ticks and other pests that call Connecticut home.


Our forestry mulching service also leaves root systems intact when we clear trees and large brush from your land, improving soil retention. As they decay, root systems also nourish the soil, providing long-term benefits for your remaining vegetation.

Forestry Mulching in Connecticut

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Forestry Mulching Services From Libby

We use heavy-duty forestry mulching machines specifically designed to tackle the challenges of Connecticut’s rocky terrain and tough vegetation. With the right equipment and years of experience, we provide superior land-clearing services that are eco-friendly while lowering your cost per acre and cost per hour.


Our clients include homeowners, municipalities, property developers, and companies throughout Connecticut. Each project starts with a conversation: only by listening to our clients can we deliver exactly the results they need. We then develop a project plan that brings the job home on time and on budget. 


Along with forestry mulching, we offer site preparation, debris removal, stump grinding, and erosion control. Libby Property Maintenance helps landowners achieve their goals and plan for the future in a sustainable, environmentally responsible way that preserves our land for generations to come.

Why Forestry Mulching?


We help clients meet a wide range of strategic goals. Contact us whenever you need help with:

•    Land management
•    Brush clearing
•    Site preparation
•    Pest suppression
•    Pasture reclamation
•    Trail creation and maintenance
•    Forest thinning
•    Logging slash removal

Like you, we believe in establishing a healthy balance between natural growth and human use of the land. From making room for new growth in damaged forests to restoring overgrown pastures, reclaiming recreational land to managing wildlife habitats, Libby Property Maintenance is ready to clear away unwanted trees and brush and use them to improve the soil on which we all depend. 


Give us a call today at 860-662-0504 and discover what Connecticut’s best forestry mulching contractors can do for you.

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