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Connecticut Land Clearing Services

Libby Property specializes in Connecticut land clearing services, including removing trees, stumps, thickets, shrubs, rocks, roots, and more. There are many benefits of CT land clearing for your residential or commercial property, including:

▪️ Removing overgrown and/or invasion species

▪️ Controlling pests and wildlife

▪️ Promoting soil health

▪️ Better aesthetics

▪️ Easier maintenance


If you’ve recently purchased a piece of land or are considering adding another structure to your current property, you will definitely need CT land clearing services. Connecticut land clearing is a great place to start to ensure you know exactly what your property looks like (and, therefore, what obstacles you’ll need to overcome).

connecticut land clearing

Think about it—you can’t pour a foundation, properly grade a property, etc., unless you know 100% the land is completely clear from obstructions (and then made completely flat).


If you have a chainsaw, you might be thinking you can do land clearing yourself. But think again. Not only can land clearing be dangerous, but it’s also much more comprehensive than you could imagine.


Oftentimes, a land clearing job might look manageable, but once you get started, you realize it’s much more complicated than you could’ve ever anticipated. In fact, a lot of land clearing involves the use of complex and heavy machinery, including backhoes, excavators, stump grinders, tree pruners, and more. Due to the potential danger these types of tools present, it’s best to trust a professional Connecticut land clearing company to get your job done right—we’re licensed and insured to perform this kind of work.

Land Clearing Company in Connecticut

land clearing in ct

The Best Land-Clearing Service in Connecticut

Clearing land in Connecticut has always been tricky job. When you need more usable space for your yard, field, or subdivision, Libby Property Maintenance offers nearly 20 years of experience and the right tools for the job—everything needed to prepare your land for whatever you have planned.

What is Land Clearing?

Purchasing land is just the beginning. To build on your new property, you’ll probably need to remove the trees, stumps, bushes, rocks, and other objects that are already present. That’s what Libby’s land-clearing service delivers: a clean slate, ready to build, work, or cultivate any way you choose.

When to Call a Land-Clearing Expert

If you’ve ever lived in a house or visited a business, you’ve benefited from land clearing.

Whether you bought your undeveloped land as a new homesite or for a new business facility, chances are that it’s not quite ready for your building contractor. That’s not a problem—brush, trees, rocks, and other obstacles probably kept the sale price down when you made your purchase. Now’s the time to examine your land carefully and determine exactly which parts will need to be cleared so that contractors can pour a foundation and construct the building you’ve planned.

Land clearing isn’t just for new building projects. Connecticut’s rocky soil often needs to be cleared before it is used for agricultural purposes, or even for grazing horses and livestock. Some of our clients hire us to expand their lawns as well, reclaiming land that was once covered in brush and trees. Whatever your situation, if you need a bit more usable space out of your existing parcel of land, we can help.

Connecticut Land Clearing for Existing Homeowners

Land clearing doesn’t just prepare land for new construction. Many homeowners, particularly in New England, put up with uneven, rocky soil that makes a better home for shrubs and bushes than for human enjoyment. We can help.

Our full-service land-clearing solution doesn’t just chop down the brush and trees that encroach on your yard. We start by removing even the most stubborn vegetation, including stumps, and the toughest rocks. Then, if you’d like, we level the soil, giving you a safe, even surface that’s ready for sodding, seeding, gardening, and anything else you can imagine.

Many of our clients turn to us after trying to do it themselves. While we appreciate the initiative, the fact of the matter is that brush hogs and other consumer-grade clearing tools tend to leave the job half-done, and to make a huge mess in the process. Libby Property Maintenance uses industrial-grade Caterpillar mulchers to cut even the toughest vegetation cleanly and mulch it completely and consistently. Your yard will be ready for whatever you can dream up, and you’ll have a healthy mix of wood chips to use in your flower beds, vegetable patches, and play areas.

Selective Land Clearing for Your Yard and Garden

In our part of the world, some plants grow aggressively—and they can be tough to remove once they’ve established themselves. Unwanted vegetation can rob your other plants of water, sunlight, and nutrition. And as much as we hate to say it, rodents and other pests can find homes in debris and undergrowth, particularly in low-lying spots of your yard that tend to collect water.

If your garden, landscaping, or lawn has become overgrown with weeds, bushes, and other stubborn invaders, routine pruning and weeding might not be enough. In that case, selective land clearing is the way to go.

We’ll discuss your specific objectives and advise you on the best way to remove every unwanted plant, stick, branch, and piece of debris on your property. Then we’ll do the job thoroughly and quickly, giving your preferred plants a new lease on life. Your lawn will be free of mess and clutter, and your plants will finally have the conditions they need to thrive and flourish.


Your land is a canvas. We get it ready for you to create your next masterpiece. When you’re ready for Connecticut’s best land-clearing service, give us a call for a free estimate. While you’re at it, give our competitors a call, too. For more than two decades, we’ve earned our reputation, and we look forward to showing you what a difference professional experience can make.

If you're interested in learning more, call (or text!) us today to talk about your unique property and land clearing needs: 860-662-0504.

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