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Connecticut Lawn Care Services

Comprehensive lawn services for residential and commercial properties in and around Essex, CT.

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Service Description

Libby Property Maintenance specializes in lawn services for home and business owners in Essex and all surrounding towns and cities. A few of our services include: ▪️ Dethatching, Aeration, and Slit Seed ▪️ Edging and Weeding ▪️ Seeding and Hydroseeding If the lawn of your dreams has become the stuff of nightmares—our experts are here to help. We take the time to prepare your property properly to safeguard against future issues—ensuring your grass stays green and totally lush. How do you know if your lawn is ready for dethatching? First, it’s important to understand what thatch is. Thatch is the thick, spongy material between your grass and the topsoil. It’s dead and live plant material that accumulates over time, including dead grass, leaf compost, and more. Thatch is only a problem when the thatch buildup becomes thicker than ¾’’ that it “restricts the intake of water and nutrients[,] making the lawn more susceptible to insect and disease problems” (Gardeners’ Guild). If you’ve noticed a buildup of thatch making your lawn brown and patchy, call us immediately. The best time to remove thatch is in the spring or fall, and the best people to remove it are professionals. Once the excess thatch is gone, the easiest way to prevent it from returning with a vengeance is to aerate. And sure, you can borrow your kid’s cleats and poke holes in your own lawn—but that’s not the most effective or efficient way to accomplish aeration. Professional aeration involves hollow tubes that remove plugs of soil—this provides several benefits to your grass and soil (in addition to reducing thatch accumulation), including: ▪️ Stimulating new growth ▪️ Reducing soil compaction (which evens out bumpy lawns!) ▪️ And enhancing absorption of water and nutrients Looking for a quicker fix? Let’s talk about slit seeding! Slit seeding (also known as slice seeding) is done with a machine with “a row of blades that resemble stars” that slice open the ground to deposit seeds beneath the topsoil rather than leaving them on top. Call us first if you’re considering sod and learn more about slit seeding—“[it] has an even better chance of succeeding than sod.” What about hydroseeding? Hydroseeding is an alternative way of applying grass seed—a mix of seed, fertilizer, mulch, soil amendments, and water to a property. Hydroseeding is a cost-effective way for your property to get a luscious lawn with a much higher germination (seed-sprouting) rate than conventional planting.

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155 Main Street, Ivoryton, CT, USA

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